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Desktop Publishing

Our DTP vertical ranges from design and layout to production and prepress services.
We offer high-quality desktop publishing services across any distance through FTP, Email and Courier (DVD). We can help you in organizing your pages, documents and images in a format for publication. From raw data and manuscripts, we design books, magazines, attractive forms and marketing literature such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, company newsletters, annual reports, pamphlets and user manuals.
desktop publishing
Our primary DTP services are:

  • → Desktop Publishing and Typesetting
  • → Typesetting
  • → Text formatting
  • → Creation and editing of technical copy
  • → Multilingual desktop publishing
  • → Layout Design
  • → PDF Conversion
  • → Document Formatting
Our deliverable are quality documents in PDF, Postscript or any client specified file format, done in professional way with on-time delivery at an affordable cost.

Features of Our DTP Services

  • » We work with markup languages like XML and HTML besides working with online document formats such as Acrobat PDF.
  • » Our DTP professionals are well-versed with printer drivers and PostScript printers
  • » Unparalleled page formatting is done before publishing your magazine / print ad
  • » Graphics, screenshots and illustrations are carefully edited before publishing
  • » We can convert the output into multiple formats such as PDF files and PostScript files
  • » Our experts can do Pre-flight checking for the final files as well Our DTP services can be used for the creation of the following:
  • → Magazines
  • → Company newsletters
  • → Brochures
  • → Catalogs
  • → Newspapers
  • → User-manuals
  • → Books
  • → Pamphlets
  • → Brochures
  • → Annual reports
  • → Flyers

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